Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Photos from our Patronal Feastday Liturgy

On November 16 we gathered for our first Patronal Feastday, commemorating the Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew.

Pictured on the left is one of our icons of Saint Matthew, adorned with a scarf from the Ukraine given by one of our members, Vera Rogachenko Nuschler.

Divine Liturgy was served by Father Matthew Jackson of Christ our Saviour Church in McComb, Mississippi, who was also celebrating his nameday. Father preached on the life of Saint Matthew, inviting the mission congregation to follow his apostolic example.

Father Matthew was accompanied by Matushka Xenia and their children, the Varnado family, and Subdeacon Jonah. The Varnados have been very encouraging and a wonderful source of inspiration for us here in Baton Rouge.

It was profoundly gratifying to hear the additional voices...

and have servers assisting the priest at the Holy Altar.

Counting the members of our mission community, along with guests from Lafayette and McComb, we had about twenty people for the Thursday morning Liturgy.

After Liturgy, we shared coffee and light refreshments. Then, a significant contingent enjoyed lunch together at a Mediterranean Cafe not far from the Church.

It was a wonderful gathering - many thanks (and many years!) to all who participated.

Holy Apostle Matthew, well pleasing to God, pray for your mission in Baton Rouge, for you are the sure helper and intercessor for our souls!